ICASOR was established to champion the cause of advocacy in Ghana. The NGO will focus on Social advocacy using Research as a tool to bring about development of the human person especially the vulnerable and the socially marginalized and disadvantaged.

ICASOR is committed to a holistic and integrated program aimed at addressing issues of extreme poverty, marginalization, human rights abuse, neglect and exploitation of the under-privileged in society.

ICASOR will through effective advocacy draw attention to policy makers, policy implementers and other stakeholders to social issues so as to ensure the well being and protection of the rights of the socially marginalized.

ICASOR will undertake training and education for other NGO’s and other capacity building initiatives to empower the poor and marginalized in our communities.

ICASOR will initiate and undertake fundraising to strengthen and support these initiatives with a view to stimulating social and economic change for our people and our communities.

.::We provide the following range of developmental services:
• Grants and Proposals writing
• Research, Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
• Institutional Capacity Building
• Leadership Training, Skills and Competency Development
• Training in the Concept and Practice of effective Advocacy
• Manpower Planning, Development and Training
• Social Impact Assessment Studies
• Baseline and Feasibility Studies

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